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Tian Ma Tui Na Massage is based from the Riverside Natural Health Centre at Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Bringing a deep release and relaxation to your mind and body.
Tian Ma Tui Na is medical massage, based upon the techniques learnt and used within the hospitals and village practices of China, long tradition combined with evidence based medicine. With James taking this further, with his post graduate qualification in Applied sports and exercise medicine and his degree in acupuncture. He has mixed the East and west deeply within the practice. Working both on the areas of discomfort and how they relate in with the rest of the body.
Tui Na Massage differs from regular deep tissue massage as it uses more of an holistic approach in treatment and works on the areas around the injury too to help the whole body. There is often more stretching and articulation techniques as well as shaking and vibrating movements too. Where as deep tissue and sports massage often rely more on pressing and kneading techniques on the specific muscles.
The approach used here on the realignment of structure and instead of using motions to try and “crack” or manipulate these. The idea is that the muscles and the soft tissue are out of balance and that tightness in these muscles are pulling the harder structures such as bone out of place. So releasing the muscles will help them realign and be less likely to move out of line. Especially with lifestyle advice and exercises to help stop the muscles tightening back up again. Some cracking may happen within the sessions however this is not the purpose and sometimes though when releasing areas it can cause these to just naturally happen. However if all what was done was focus on the bone realignment then the muscle tensions that are pulling them back out would just cause the problem to reoccur with short term comfort.
Straight from the first session there can benefits to be felt, working on those niggling and annoying problems that are holding you back in life. Whether it’s helping reduce stress, ease pain or improve range of movement, this can help.
There are 4 main supplementary therapies that can be used to enhance the sessions. Although, there are many others that James has learnt on his travels in China and studying in England that can be incorporated. These can be booked specifically or can be recommended in the session if you wish.


Bringing forth knowledge from his degree and years of practice. James can seamlessly include Acupuncture to support the treatment; either distally or on local areas to give the session an extra but more subtle Depth- especially on areas too sensitive for massage. Allowing extra dimension to the session in a rather gentle way.
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▪︎Cupping and bamboo Massage

A great combination that uses warm bamboo sticks to massage deeply into muscles and then the cups to create vacuum to release the muscles with the opposite pressures. The cups bringing the muscles outwards and the warm bamboo pressing in.

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▪︎Fire Massage:

A traditional Chinese technique that uses herbal balms placed upon areas of the body, with warm damp towels placed upon that. Alcohol is then placed upon the towel, and is briefly lit on fire for a few seconds at a time. This causes a deep but relaxing heat, which allows the pores of the skin to open and the now warm herbal balms to be absorbed better.

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Working on either the head/neck, hands, or feet. This deep tissue release of the tension in these areas can be extremely relaxing on there own. So mixing them into the treatment can lead to a full body bliss. These aim to help release the extremities and head, helping to create release from the edges that work right into the middle.
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To book your session please use this link to our online booking page https://RiversideBooking.as.me/Tian-ma-tui-na
Most sessions will be will be 90 minutes however follow ups can often be an hour in length if needed. Alternatively you can book the individual support treatments as a stand alone session.
If you have any more questions feel free to drop us a message here or give us a call on 0115 9864990