Male infertility is nothing to be ashamed about.

Male Infertility Clinic Nottingham

Male infertility effects around 7% of men in the UK. Infertility can be caused by a multitude of problems from low sex drive to functional problems with the male reproductive system.

Our Herbalist at the Riverside Natural Health Centre specialises in the male reproductive system and male sexual dysfunction. Every case is different, and every client will receive a bespoke treatment based in their own requirements.

These are some of the area’s that our Herbalist may be able to help with:

Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive is quite a common condition amongst men and can be caused by Mental Health Problems, Physical Conditions, or medication. Within Herbal Medicine we have protocols that can help increase your sex drive and overall wellbeing. If you’re condition is psychosomatic, we will work on your overall mental wellbeing and gently help realign the bodies systems to aid in functionality.
When treating physical conditions, we have to look at the why and formulate a treatment plan together. The most common cause is low testosterone and herbal medicine may be able to help increase your testosterone levels.
If your sex drive is caused by medication, such as treatment for cancer we may be able to help however we would need to have a chat about your medications and treatment plans.

Premature Ejaculation

A recent systematic review of Herbal Medicine and its use for premature ejaculation has found that herbal medicine may help with premature ejaculation either singularly or combined with acupuncture.

Sperm Quality and Quantity

The most common cause of male infertility is the quality and quantity of sperm and semen production. A recent review of studies indicates that Herbal Medicine may be able to help increase the quality and quantity of sperm production.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can have many causes and studies have shown that in some cases herbal medicine can help. However, in many cases it is not the penis that is not functioning correctly but the body as a whole. When treating erectile dysfunction, we will look at the root cause of the problem and approach the problem from more than one angle.

What to expect at your appointment

When attending your appointment at the Riverside we ask that you wear comfortable clothes that you can relax in as the appointment will take a minimum of an hour. In some cases, physical examinations of the heart and reproductive system may be required therefore you may be asked to partially/fully undress. Should you wish for a chaperone to be present for physical examinations we understand and can schedule the exam for another appointment.

Once your appointment is over our Herbalist will spend time formulating your treatment plan and let you know when your Herbal Medicine will be ready to collect. This is usually in 1-2 days time.

How many treatments will I need

Each person is different, and the number of treatments will depend entirely on your circumstances.

Are there any guarantees?

As with most things in life we cannot guarantee the efficacy of the treatment for everyone. We suggest clients have the treatment for a minimum of three months before judging whether or not to continue.


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