Stand alone Tian Ma acupuncture sessions start off with a consultation not just to understand the condition are symptom present but how this makes you feel and impacts you.
This is a key part of the treatment as most people come in not because they have that problem but because its impacting their quality of life so much that they are wanting it resolved. It is therefore looked at the emotional and mental impacts being a massive impact and delved into in the session, both in consultation and treatment. Another part to this is stress with it having such a big impact on both the cause and impacting the healing process this will be worked on too.
There is no correct nor wrong number of needles or areas to work, instead the treatment plan will be made bespoke to you and your needs. Which could allow for some clothing left on if needed or been faced up, faced down, side laying, or even seated if needed. It is far more important that you are both physically and mentally in a relaxed and comfortable situation so you get the most benefit out of the session. Where some people may make you get into uncomfortable positions to needle the "perfect spot" but instead youre in agony all the time then you will go away hating the session. Here we would much rather you enjoy it and go away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated just by the environment, so the treatment itself will only add to that instead of fighting against it.
While its called a standalone acupuncture session its just that this will take up the majority of the session, if its for a muscle or physical injury then often massage or cupping could be used along side this. It is also not uncommon for tiger balm heat plasters to be applied to the area at the end of the session too, to continue the deep work needed upon it.
Generally while the needles are in the practitioner will leave you in the room, with relaxing music playing in the background set by the therapist. Alternatively though some people will put audio books on or podcasts, which is totally fine as long as its something that can be relaxing background noise so nothing that you have to focus on or have to change mid session. While the practitioner leaves the room you will be given a call button, that will contact your therapist and they can come to you straight away. If you would prefer your therapist to stay in the room that is completely fine and will be more than happy to accommodate this too.
There is not really anything that is needed to be brought a long to the sessions as we have hot and cold drinks complementary to have, towels to cover you as needed too. However, some people may bring their own shorts or covering if they wish too. Although if working directly on the hip it may be needed to have access to the area, but for thigh or lower leg shorts work well. You are also more than welcome to bring someone along to the session if you wish. They can be in for any part of the session or all of it if you/they wish, however children will need to be accompanied by an adult throughout there session. While its fine to talk to them while you are left with the needles in do try to relax and not letting animated conversation distract you while in session. As the river is near by and when its not raining people will often stay in for a few minutes while you are settled then go off  for a walk and be back for the end of the session. Its what ever is best for you to be the most relaxed and at ease. Equally while most places so to keep phones off, while we really do not recommend messaging repeatedly throughout the session, you would be more than welcome to have it on here. While we strongly recommend you not using it during the session, but if there is a call that comes through from someone that you're expecting or not that can not be helped its ok to answer it. Otherwise you may spend most the session laid there worry about it or it on your mind stopping your relaxing so a few minutes of the call is worth it massively for the benefit of the rest of the session.