A great combination that uses warm bamboo sticks to massage deeply into muscles and then the cups to create vacuum to release the muscles with the opposite pressures. The cups bringing the muscles outwards and the warm bamboo pressing in.

The warm bamboo sticks can be used on various parts of the body and can go very deeply into the body with the warmth allowing the massage to go deeper in a less painful way. These can also be used to create greater leverage to be used in articulation of joints or to create deeper pressure than often normal massage can do.
There are also various different types of cups used in the treatment depending upon the need. The most common one used are the silicone cups and the pump action variations. Generally used on areas that have been massage and left for a few seconds to a few minutes and moved, or glided round over the areas while stretch and articulating the muscles too. Fire cupping is also used however not as much. This is because most of the time suction can be used easier to get similar results. However sometimes the heat and fire is needed then these cups can be used then and to great effect but it is to be remembered that fire cupping is not always the best version for everyone.
One more type of cupping is aqua cupping. This is similar to fire cupping in that it uses the same cups and fire to create the suction but this is where the similarities end. Before the cup is placed on the person a small amount of herb infused water, that is specifically selected from the consultation and discussions so that it is the right one to be used. These can then help the treatment as the water can soak into the muscles and area the cups are opening up. These warm waters in the cups add to the relaxation for the treatment along with the benefits too.