We are all ready to admit the many results which may follow a fit of violent temper, the shock of sudden bad news; …..how much more serious and deep-rooted must be a prolonged conflict between soul and body

Edward Bach, Heal Thyself.

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies are a homeopathic system created by Dr Edward Bach. His system was used to treat numerous conditions based on the essences gathered from flowers. Each essence is tied to an emotion or an emotional state that, according to Dr Bach, will help to harmonise the body and mind. You can find out more about Bach flower remedies here on the Bach Centre Website https://www.bachcentre.com

Flower Remedies used:

Bach flower remedies

Australian Bushcraft Essences

Light Essences

What appointments do you offer?

Our Herbalist Martin is also experienced in using Bach Flower Remedies and he can offer Herbal Medicine Appointments or Bach Flower Appointments. Each appointment lasts around an hour and during this time Martin will get to know you and create the perfect Bach Flower Mixture for you. He doesn’t just use Bach Flowers he also uses essences from other systems to create a holistic and synergistic mixture just for you.

What will I get?

After your appointment you will receive a dropper bottle with a months supply of Flower essences contained within. Full instructions will be given on how to take your complimentary medicine and lifestyle advice may also be given.

Once your bottle is nearing completion we recommend you book in for a follow up appointment.