Revitalise Your Body with Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)/ Manual Lymphatic Massage is a non-invasive method of easing the symptoms of lymphatic swelling. It may be useful for:

Recovery from surgical procedures 

Those who have been diagnosed with oedema*

Those with circulatory problems*

Lymphatic Massage Nottingham

Your Pathway to Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to our invigorating space where we strive to optimise your health and wellness. Imagine a gentle, rhythmic massage that enhances your body's natural detoxification process, aids in recovery from surgery, and provides relief from various health conditions. Yes, you've found it right here with our specialised Lymphatic Massage.

Our Unique Lymphatic Massage

Your lymphatic system plays a crucial role in your body's immune response and waste elimination. It is the unsung hero, working tirelessly to cleanse your body. When it's working smoothly, you feel healthier, lighter, and more energetic. Sometimes, though, it needs a little help. This is where our lymphatic massage comes in.

Our expert therapists use subtle manual manipulations to stimulate the flow of lymph, aiding the body in removing toxins and excess fluid. Let us help you discover a new level of wellbeing with our lymphatic massage treatments.

Lymphatic Massage After Surgery

Whether you've had a cosmetic procedure or a medical operation, post-surgery can be a challenging time. Swelling, discomfort, and a slow recovery process can all be daunting. Our post-surgical lymphatic massage is designed to help your body heal more efficiently.

By stimulating your lymphatic system, we reduce swelling, accelerate healing, and aid in scar tissue breakdown. Our therapists work with delicate precision to provide a comfortable and therapeutic experience. We're here to guide you smoothly through your recovery journey.

Lymphatic Massage for Medical Conditions

Suffering from conditions like lymphedema or other types of oedema can be burdensome. It can hinder your daily activities and affect your quality of life. But you're not alone in this.

Our specialised lymphatic massage offers a soothing solution. By improving lymph flow, we can help reduce swelling and discomfort, giving you back the freedom to live your life as you choose. We treat each client as an individual, customising our massage techniques to your specific needs.

Lymphatic Massage for Detox and Wellbeing

Even if you're not recovering from surgery or a specific health condition, lymphatic massage can offer a wealth of benefits. It's an excellent choice for those looking to detoxify their body, boost their immune system, and promote overall wellbeing.

Through our gentle yet effective massage, we can help kick-start your lymphatic system, flushing out toxins and ushering in a wave of revitalising energy. Enjoy the glow of health and vitality that comes from within when your body is functioning at its best.

At our wellness centre, we don't just offer lymphatic massage; we offer a pathway to improved health and wellbeing. Join us on this journey and experience the transformative effects of lymphatic massage. Book your session today and let us help you rejuvenate, recover, and revitalise.

Take the First Step Towards Wellness: Book Now!

Feeling ready to embrace the revitalising benefits of a lymphatic massage? We're excited to welcome you to our wellness centre. Our expert therapists are poised to guide you on your journey towards enhanced wellbeing.

Whether you're seeking to speed up your recovery from a surgical procedure, looking for relief from a medical condition, or just hoping to detox and boost your overall health, our lymphatic massage is the perfect solution.

But don't just take our word for it. Experience it for yourself. Take that first step towards health and vitality. It's a decision your body will thank you for.

Book your lymphatic massage session now. A healthier, more vibrant you awaits.


  • Manual Lymphatic Massage is contraindicated in those who are pregnant, have a diagnosis of heart failure, kidney failure, have currently got an acute infection, or have recently had an acute case of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).