Working on either the head/neck, hands, or feet. This deep tissue release of the tension in these areas can be extremely relaxing on there own. So mixing them into the treatment can lead to a full body bliss. These aim to help release the extremities and head, helping to create release from the edges that work right into the middle.
While reflexology in the UK is generally associated with the feet mainly and very specific maps of areas relating towards other parts of the body, while its true its not the whole picture though. Here it is taken far further with the idea that all the body is connected to each other and that working one part has to impact and work the rest of the body and mind too. Both mentally and physically relaxing and releasing. Using the feet since this is a common area to work, as an example of this. Generally when a person is standing their feet will be flat on the floor, however though with certain pains or injuries above this can cause the persons posture to change the their weight distribution over their feet change. This will cause tension or over use of muscles in the feet to keep the body up right, these tensions can be long there after the initial injury has been done and then holds the body in the injured posture.
There are also many other reasons for tension in the feet too such as having new footwear on or a stone in the shoe or pulling a muscle in them during exercise too. What is more likely meant by practitioners that say you have a problem with a certain organ or body system. Instead they likely mean there is tension in the muscles and tissue around part of the body where that organ may be. There is also the fact that as peoples bodies are all different sizes so are the different organs in them. Some may have organs larger than other ones in scale to expectation, just as people often have them in slightly different, or sometimes very different locations too. Which would not be able to be known by the practitioner, so for these reasons you would not normally hear much in the sessions on what tension in specific parts may mean and what areas of the body are problematic.