This can sometimes be called Huo Liao or fire therapy and has been an old tradition Chinese medicine method. There has been recordings of its uses in texts from around 250bce and has been used in Chinese cultures regularly. There are many benefits here both of the relaxing warmth helping body and mind, as well as the herbs having benefit too and different herbal mixes been used for different situations. The heat opens the pore up as well as warming the herbal balms so that it is far easier for the herbs to be absorbed into the areas that are needed to be worked.
Before the herbs are applied the areas will be worked with lots of deep massage techniques or sometimes cups too to help start opening up the area. Then after theĀ  fire part is complete the area is massaged with gentle rolling techniques after to help the herbs soak in and spread deeper into the area below. Most of the body can be used here for treatment and multiple areas at once. However, due to the intensity of it this can not be done as a complete full body treatment in itself.